1931 Born in Bristol then studies at the Bristol school of art – where she met her first husband Robert Hurdle who was also a painter then teaching at the school.

1958 - 1968 Had three children with Robert Hurdle

1960 became a lifetime member of the RWA (Royal west of England academy of arts)

1971 - 1976 married and had her last child with the writer John Seymour. Commonly known as 'The Father of Self-Sufficiency', John Seymour lived a varied and fascinating life.
Writer, broadcaster, environmentalist, agrarian, smallholder and activist; a rebel against: consumerism, industrialisation, genetically modified organisms, cities, motor cars; and an advocate for: self-reliance, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, conviviality (food, drink, dancing and singing), gardening, caring for the Earth and for the soil.

1990 - 2000 Helping fellow woman artists, including Deenagh Miller lifetime friend and advocate

2003 - Achieving a lifetime ambition when she moved to Liverpool at the age of 72 setting up her own gallery on Lark Lane in Liverpool, UK which she called, Lark Lane Atelier. Now being run by the Liverpool based artist Alex Corina (Liverpool capital of culture Mona Lennon fame!) under the new name The Lark Lane Artworks

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